Hello! My name is Adam Fratino.

(Yet another front-end developer with a background in design).

The first bit of code I taught myself was a CSS snippet to hide the banner ads on an Angelfire site I made dedicated to Calvin & Hobbes, but I started feeling guilty so now I work client-side development at advertising agencies to make up for it.

I came to New York City to get my BFA in Graphic Design at the School of Visual Arts. I stuck around to write code at The Barbarian Group and Rokkan. I love pushing the limits of CSS (my face on this page is all CSS, I was bored), and modern Javascript is pretty fun too.

If you'd like to check out some code feel free to visit my CodePen or Github. If you want to see some of my art things check out my Cargo. Also have a resume.

In case you care about my personality, I own a fat cat, I play in Skee-Ball and Shuffleboard leagues, and I want to break the world record in Tapper.

A few projects I've thrown together: